Hosting a pro for the Lifetime Tempe Triathlon

On September 22, I am signed up to do the Lifetime Tempe Triathlon (Olympic distance). Each day over the past week has shown slight improvement in my back and it is getting close to 100%. Unless there is a setback in the next ten days, I’ll do the event.

Lifetime emailed me to see if we wanted to “Host a Pro.” We volunteered and are being matched up with someone (hopefully, a world-class athlete). We will make sure that their stay is comfortable and warm. I hope to learn a thing or two from the pro.

Since we had plans to go eat India food this evening (Binita, me, my mom and Kristi), I got on my trainer for just short of an hour. I went just a bit harder than yesterday; it felt good. Of course, the heart rate monitor is on the fritz (again). If someone can make an accurate heart monitor that you can wear on your wrist or ankle (or somewhere comfortable), they are sure to make millions!

Simi Missy look bored

Just left of where Simi and Missy are sitting in this picture is the study. That’s where I usually set up my bike trainer. Missy and Simi sit in the hallway and stare at me (probably thinking that I am crazy for pedaling so hard and not going anywhere).

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