What does it feel like to hit the big five-o?

Today is my birthday. Most folks make new resolutions on their birthdays and on the first of January. Most folks (including me) set expectations high and forget about these resolutions in about a week. I am not making any new resolutions this year, but will work on the following two things:

  1. Redefine “success”
  2. Redefine “happiness”

It was close to a perfect day today. It didn’t rain and therefore I didn’t run in the rain (my back is not 100% yet, so I wouldn’t have run anyway), but other than the rain, everything fell into place quite nicely.

The day started with messages and wishes from friends and family near and far. Thanks to Julie, Len, Kristi, Ali, Will, Don, Debbie, Kim, Colleen, Megan, Emily, Ian, Amy, Alyssa, Chris, Shelly, the Whoopie Babes, Dana, etc. etc. and of course my entire family in India and here (Amiben, Sheelben, Naman, Shimauli-Gaurav, Niman-Prachi, Maith, Sanj, Rish, Jia, Manish-Anisha-Adarsh, Raju-Sujata, Niyati-PK, Ram, Amit, my mom-in-law) and my colleagues at work (Rahul-Janki, Mitch-Nancy, Kelly, Fern, Brett, Hafthor), a bunch of work-related colleagues (too many to mention) for all your warm wishes!

Binita got me some Lulu Lemon garb (always welcome) and my mom got me some Ironman garb (also always welcome). I also received a special gift from a dear friend across the pond. I don’t want to reveal what it is here because it is very personal and very special. It will give me inspiration and motivation while training and racing. The gift has no “limits.” (that’s the only hint I will offer in this blog-post).

Work was great today too. We landed a cool new client (Trigger Point Therapy >> www.tptherapy.com); we kick off the project on Tuesday! We went out to Vietnamese for lunch (Tofu Pho at Saigon Nights in N. Scottsdale) where we discussed yet another new business idea (this time a pretty good one, but I can’t tell you about it here)!

Tofu Pho at Saigon Nights in N. Scottsdale – Yummm!

After getting home around 5ish, I hung out with the pups and took a quick 30-minute nap before heading out to Hacienda (Mexican) at the Fairmont Princess. There were 9 of us (me, Binita, my mother, Binita’s mother, Rahul-Janki, Mitch-Nancy and Will). It was a lovely evening at a lovely place with lovely food and conversation; all capped off by a below-average tres-leches Happy Birthday cake!

Tres Leches Happy Birthday Cake

50 gone, 50 more to go. I feel great in my heart and in my mind and (almost) in my body. I am thankful for all my family and friends and their good wishes. And remember, fifty is the new thirty.

Oh ya, this is an Ironman blog. Well…I took the day off from training to celebrate my 50th. Tomorrow, my back will be normal and I will ease into a full schedule by next week.

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  1. Happy belated birthday, G! Sounds like it was a great day – here's to a great year!

  2. Thanks! Let's ride one of these days…

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