Rock Star party at our house

The day started early today. At 5:30AM, I met my Team-in-training colleagues at Railroad Park on Indian Bend and Scottsdale for an hour-long run. It was my first run after my back started hurting making me a bit apprehensive. After doing a few stretches, I started slow for the first couple of miles before picking my pace just a bit. My back didn’t bother me at all. I still can’t say that I am back to 100% but I ran 7+ miles and didn’t feel any pain. The only slight discomfort I feel now is when I arch my back (e.g. a superman stretch).

This evening, TNT/LLS had invited a few rock-stars to my house for a party. No, I’m not talking about Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks or even Amitabh Bachchan; I’m talking about local stars who have raised a ton of money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. These are regular folks with big hearts who swim, bike, run and hike for a good cause.

I want to give some kudos to Megan and Marge, and a bunch of other folks (especially Emily and Meredith) who work for TNT/LLS. Overall, about 40 people showed up, ate and drank some fine food from AJ’s. Megan even arranged for an astronomer to bring his 70lbs telescope so we could see some planets, galaxies and nebulae. We saw Saturn’s rings quite clearly and the Sea of Tranquility on the moon.

Courtyard during TNT LLS Rock Star Party

My courtyard was decorated with a hundred candles and lights and looked quite beautiful. Because the weather was just a bit warm, we we had misters going to cool it. Good food, fine wine and a festive time! Is it Christmas yet?

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