A bird’s life

I dropped my mother off at the airport this morning (she left to go back home to India), hence I couldn’t ride early today. It is still HOT in Phoenix, hence riding outdoors in the afternoon is out-of-the-question. I got on my bike trainer for a couple of hours at around 5PM for a relatively easy first hour and a middle-effort second hour.

I tried Gatorade Endurance (orange flavor) for the first time and found it quite refreshing and tasty. It seems to have fewer calories per bottle than I would like; so I may mix it with Carbo Pro next time.

This Sunday, I am doing the Olympic Distance Tempe triathlon. Lifetime asked for volunteers to “host a pro” for the race. I emailed them and am matched up with Jon Bird. He is one of Canada’s elite triathletes and I look forward to his arrival on Wednesday. I will root for him while I am doing the race; it would get GREAT if he wins the whole thing!

Here is his blog >> www.thereisabird.com << aka, a bird’s life.

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