Helle Frederiksen of Denmark | Jon Bird of Canada

My back is finally back to normal. Whew. That was a long recovery!

I swam 3,000 meters at Lifetime Fitness and barely felt a pinch in my back. I could concentrate on my stroke, was taking flip turns with zero pain and even did a few drills. It feels good to get back into the swing of things (although this week will be a somewhat easy with with the upcoming triathlon this weekend).

I still haven’t heard back from Lifetime Fitness about the complaint I lodged last week. I’m not surprised. It just confirms my hypothesis that their customer service and some policies pretty much SUCK! These is no point getting all worked up about it; I have a choice; to quit or not to quit. In Gujarati, we have a saying, “ujjad rann ma arendo pradhan” – loosely translated it says, “in a sparse desert, even a lowly cactus is king.” That’s the story of Lifetime Fitness. They are the best of the worst. My club options are Lifetime Fitness, The Village or 24-hour Fitness. I used to belong to 24-hour Fitness and they were a little too dirty for my taste. On paper, The Village probably has the best customer service, but their pool is very sub-optimal. So I will keep complaining trying to improve Lifetime Fitness! Oh well…

Helle Frederiksen of Denmark

I blogged yesterday that I am hosting Jon Bird (pro triathlete) at my house for the triathlon in Tempe this weekend. He arrives on Wednesday; I look forward to meeting him. I also found out that another one of Camelback Coaching’s trainees is hosting Helle Fredireksen. She is Denmark’s top triathlete and one of Europe’s best. I hope that both she and Jon win this weekend in Tempe!

As for my own race-plan, it is still in the works. It’s been hot in Phoenix and the heat is expected to continue until this weekend. This means that the swim will not be wetsuit legal and the run will be hot (and therefore a  bit slow). I need to reset my expectations accordingly!

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