Intervals at Scottsdale Community College

I’m not sure if I have mentioned in my blog that I have a gym in my office complex. It has a climbing wall, a half basketball court, a small free-weights area and a few pieces of cardio equipment. I’m not fond of the gym but do occasionally use it.

Today, I did a 45-minute elliptical workout before heading to the Scottsdale Community College track for an interval workout with the TNT team. It was crowded at the track with some sort of football scrimmage on the field and a few track teams practicing their routines. It was also hot (100+ degrees). I got a few hard miles in before calling it a day!

Boston Marathon 2013

I enjoy running with Dave (our TNT coach). He told me that he qualified and registered for the Boston Marathon (2014). Next year, qualifying for Boston will be my primary focus! My A race will be the Phoenix Marathon on March 1, 2014.

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