Three scorpions and a bird

Jon Bird, the professional triathlete we are hosting for the triathlon in Tempe this weekend arrived this afternoon. I have already started picking his brain for valuable triathlon tips. He is very easy to talk to and I look forward to spending time with him talking about training and racing.

Scorpion in the sink

As soon as Jon entered the house and unloaded his luggage in his room, we saw a scorpion on the carpet in his room. Welcome to Arizona, Jon. Amazingly, Binita found two more scorpions in the house today (one in the sink and one on the wall). I guess it’s scorpion season!

Scorpion on the wall

The workout today was an hour-long spin at Lifetime Fitness followed by a ten-minute run on the treadmill. Nothing special, just a simple and smooth workout. My back pain is GONE!

The race plan for Sunday’s race is going to be rather uncomplicated. I will provide more details tomorrow, but basically it is like this:

  • Swim easy (00:28:00 minutes)
  • Transition quick (00:03:00 minutes)
  • Bike easy (01:25:00)
  • Transition quick (00:02:00)
  • Run medium to hard (00:49:00)

Total time of anything better than 02:47:00 would be great! That would be a PR. It’ll depend on pacing, effort, nutrition and a few external factors (most notably the heat).

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