Future triathlon world champion

Mitch and Nancy’s daughter Megan is 10. She has a new-found love for the sport of triathlon. She has joined Durapulse, the only Phoenix-based group that trains kids. From all accounts, she loves it and is doing her very first triathlon on September 29. I’m certain that I will go watch her and cheer her on! I’m happy to see that kids as young as 10 are taking up triathlon instead of the old, boring sports like football, basketball and baseball (yawn).

Megan just bought a new bike through mail-order and had it assembled at a local bike-shop. Unfortunately, the bike-fit is a bit too big for Megan. Since Jon Bird is staying with us, Mitch and Nancy brought Megan and Andrew over to our place this evening. After talking about a bunch of triathlon-based topics, Jon fixed Megan’s bike so the seat and steering are a bit lower and a bit more comfortable for Megan.

I hope Megan goes on to become the future face of triathlon. She certainly has the confidence!

Jon Bird adjusts Megan’s bike

This evening, I went for a short hour-long ride around DC Ranch to get my legs going for the race on Sunday. I did a couple of short sprints but the ride overall was relatively easy. Tomorrow, I will drop my bike off and pick up my race packet. I am far from superstitious but always hope for numbers 5 and/or 7 on my bib. I hope to be in bed by 9PM tomorrow to get a decent night’s sleep (which is quite unlikely).

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