Proof that Karma is real

An easy 20-minute jog was all I did for my workout in anticipation of the race tomorrow. I barely even broke a sweat, but coming back to working from my back injury is proving just a bit harder than I thought. I feel like I have lost my speed and endurance, and will need to rebuild it in the next month in anticipation of the Arizona Ironman.

Something very cool happened today. It reinforces my belief that there are good people in the world and Karma is real.

The Payout: I met up with Shelly at the Starbucks on 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright to ride down to the race, drop off my bike and pick up my packet, She bought us sandwiches from Jersey Mike’s before we started the drive. Since I was driving, she ate hers in the car. I was going to eat mine after we got there.

After exiting Scottsdale Road, we were stopped at the red light to take a left turn. This is when I spotted an old, feeble, scruffy-looking homeless man with a cardboard sign that said “Very Hungry.” I looked at my freshly wrapped sandwich, looked at him, rolled down my window and gave it to him. He graciously thanked me. Shelly asked me, “But, aren’t you hungry?” I said, “Not as much as that guy. Plus, he has earned life and is down on his luck.”

The Payback: After dropping off the bike, picking up the packet and listening to the pre-race instructions, I was really hungry. We swung by Starbucks so I could pick up a sandwich and a chai. We placed the order and pulled up to the drive-through window to pay, only the find out that the person in front of us paid for us. Apparently, he felt good about life and wanted to share it. We, in turn, paid for the car behind us (and hope that the car behind us continued the trend).

People are inherently good. Sometimes, they just need to be reminded of the goodness inside them. If you ever needed proof that Karma is real, this is it! You see Karma in action in small incidents daily; all you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open!

The race prep is done. The tri-bag is packed and I am as ready as I can be. I am about to call it a night and hope to get a good night’s leep. I will root for Jon to win the race tomorrow, but he has some stiff competition. I will try and relax a bit at the race in preparation for the Ironman!

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