Post-race analysis | Thanks Jon Bird!

After my disappointing performance yesterday, I rested today. In my post-race analysis, I see the following mistakes:

  • During the swim, I didn’t draft anyone. Instead, I decided to go my own course which lead to zig-zagging. According to my Garmin, I ended up doing an extra 100 meters (1,600 instead of 1,500 meters). Also, because I was not drafting anyone, I used up more energy than necessary.
  • During T1, I should have taken some electrolytes (salt pill).
  • I was never comfortable on the bike, but should have gone into the aero position whenever I was going against the wind. I did ride on my handlebar drops, but that was not sufficient to slice through the wind.
  • During T2 also, I should have taken some more electrolytes (another salt pill).
  • During the run, I should have better paced myself. As soon as the sun came out, I overheated. I should have carried a sponge with me so I could dip it in ice at water stations and squeeze it over my head whenever I needed to cool down.

With a better race, I could have probably shaved off 5 to 10 minutes. Lessons learned!

Jon Bird flew back to Canada today. Yesterday, he gave me a Bird branded cycling shirt. When we came home today, there was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a nice note from him. Thanks Jon. We loved having you here! You and Holly are welcome to our place any time!

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