Is carbo-loading old school?

I’m still licking my wounds from the race on Sunday. I emailed my Garmin data to my coach and his analysis centered around my flaws in handling my glycogen levels. Admittedly, I did not do any carbo-load before the race (I thought carbo-load was considered “old school”) and paid for it with elevated heart-rates, elevated efforts and very little speed. I should know better than just giving up carbo-loading without substituting it with whatever is “new school!” The only good thing is that my upcoming races are more about endurance than speed.

After resting yesterday, I went for a mile-long swim today at Lifetime Fitness. It felt good just to swim laps in very comfortable, clean water after that nasty water in Tempe town lake.

Bike Jersey given to me by Jon Bird

I never posted a picture of the bike shirt that Jon Bird gave me, so here it is!

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