If social media channels are linked to narcissism, so is personal blogging

I’ve always maintained that social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are successful because they feed the inherent human nature of narcissism. Maybe that statement is just a bit sensational (nobody wants to be called a narcissistic), but think about it; all Facebook and Twitter (or any other social media channel) enable is allow people to say, “look at what I am doing” or “look where I have been” or “look who I am hanging out with” or “look at what I bought!”

Admittedly, blogging is no different. After all, why do I write this blog? It simply to feed my narcissism. What I write about is my training because I want to be an Ironman. It is all about me me me!! There, I said it.

Okay, so since this blog is about me me me, here are a few cropped pictures from the race last Sunday! I look tired and uncomfortable; it is exactly how I felt!

My pictures from the Lifetime International Tempe Triathlon – 2013

As for my workout today, I went for a swim during lunch at Lifetime Fitness and did a few sprints. I shared the lane with Terra but by the time I was done with my workout, the pool was pretty empty!

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