Gorgeous evening swim at Lifetime Fitness

Three thousand eight hundred and sixty meters. That’s 3.86 kilometers, or 2.4 miles. That’s the distance I will swim during the Arizona Ironman in November. It will take me somewhere between 70 and 80 minutes for this swim. That’s a pretty long time to stay in the water – especially in Tempe town lake (which has pretty nasty water). Hopefully, my wet suit will help with flotation and therefore speed.

Lifetime Fitness Pool in Scottsdale

To prepare for the swim, today I swam 3,000+ meters in the clear waters of the Lifetime Fitness swimming pool. It took me about an hour, but I felt pretty good throughout the swim. Fortunately, the pool was quite empty this evening (which is quite unusual). It was a gorgeous evening with a few clouds and a nice gentle breeze. The dog days of the Arizona summer are finally coming to an end. Even Starbucks has started serving their pumpkin-spiced latte.

Tomorrow is October!

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