Run, Swim, Whoopie

It has finally started to cool down a bit in Scottsdale. Mornings and evenings are quite pleasant but the afternoons are still in the upper 90s. If you want to run outdoors, it is best to do so early in the morning.

Today is Sunday. If I weren’t training, I’d lounge around in the morning with a cup of cold coffee and a Greek yogurt. Instead, after eating a banana, I went out running for about an hour around DC Ranch. There are some short but relatively steep hills around where I live which makes running somewhat of a pain; but it builds character (or so I have been told).

After resting late in the morning and early afternoon (and working a bit), I went for a smooth 2,100 meter swim at Lifetime Fitness.

The Whoopie Babes came over in the evening and I picked up some Pizza from Ciao Grazie down the street. It’s a decent pizza place but I wonder how it stays open; I hardly see ever see anyone over there!

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