Longass split run | Kudos to Garmin for customer service

At around 4:15PM, I started running on the treadmill at Lifetime Fitness. Treadmill running is boring, but it was in the 90s outside. I know that the treadmills at Lifetime can only handle up to 99 minutes (it cannot handle 3 digits). Since I had to run for about 2 hours and 45 minutes, my plan was to do the first hundred minutes on the treadmill and the rest of it outside. That’s exactly what I did!

After running for 99 minutes on the treadmill, I went downstairs, got a bottle of Gatorade and ran towards the soccer fields through the Fairmont Princess. By the time I was done, it was almost dark and I was exhausted. Interestingly, I am less sore after running 18+ miles today than I have been in the past. My legs are not tired, but my torso (core) is just a bit sore. Maybe I am using more of my core to run. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking!

Today, I called Garmin to complain about my heartbelt. They were extremely professional. After noting down the serial number of my Garmin 910XT, they promised to send me a replacement heartrate belt at absolutely zero cost. Kudos to Garmin for their EXCELLENT customer service. Let’s hope the belt arrives in the next couple of days and it actually works!

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