Swimming with Matthew Russell

Another Monday, another long swim at Lifetime Fitness! Today I swam 3,700 meters with two brief stops (unplanned). Since the pool was full, I started swimming in one of the reserved lanes after telling the swim coach to let me know if the lane is needed for swim lessons. I had done 1,200 meters when she stopped me and asked me to use a different lane. I stopped for a moment, switched lanes and started swimming again (sharing a lane with a random guy). Pretty soon, the guy I was sharing the lane with was done and I started swimming alone. After swimming another 1,000 meters, I was stopped again; this time by a group of swimmers who wanted to swim in circles and wanted me to share a lane with another guy. I obliged and finished my swim sharing a lane with a super-fast swimmer. I’m not totally sure, but for the last 1,500 meters, I think shared a lane with Matthew Russell (one of elite world-class triathletes who frequently swims at Lifetime Fitness). He also goes to the same bike shop where I get my bike serviced. If only I could be as fast as him!!

Matthew Russell getting his bike fit at Faster

On Wednesday, we lave for Napa. I will do my long run tomorrow and probably rest on Wednesday before running and biking on the following days. I will probably do my long bike ride on Friday around Napa Valley. It will be beautiful, sunny with vineyards all around me. I can’t wait!

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