Kudos to Garmin

Work has been busy lately (quite unusual for me). I’ve had back-to-back-to-back appointments and meetings and tasks to do all day long. I have to be pretty well organized to get it all done. Through all this, I have to somehow manage to squeeze in my workout schedule.

I was frazzled because of all the work piling up and having to do a 2:30 run today. In the morning, I packed my run gear, my nutrition and my Garmin equipment to work. I got to work early thinking I will leave a bit early after getting everything done. As I started to change at work, I realized that I forgot my running shorts at home. Annoying! I drove back home to pick up my shorts only to realize that I forgot my nutrition at work. More annoying!! Fortunately, I had some spares at home and packed my water bottle with Gatorade Endurance and CarboPro before heading to Lifetime Fitness.

Since it was quite warm outside, I ran outdoors as the sun was setting for the first hour and twelve minutes, and then switched to the treadmill for the next hour and twelve minutes. By the end of the run, I was really tired. Since I had forgotten my perfectly packed nutrition at work, I had short-changed myself by not packing enough calories and liquids. I paid for it in the last 20 minutes!

Garmin Rocks – they sent me a heart belt (free replacement) that works perfectly

I have to give Garmin kudos here. The new heartbelt they have sent works PERFECTLY and is quite comfortable. Thank you. In the end, after blogging negatively about Garmin for a few months, I have to say that their customer service ROCKS and their products (while not perfect) are pretty darned good!

I saw Will at the gym who graciously offered to take us to the airport tomorrow. We are off to Napa for the next 4 days. It will be a fun vacation with food, wine, running and biking packed in!

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