Happy Birthday!

Today is Binita’s birthday. I had her birthday gift perfectly planned. For her 50th birthday today, I had written down “50 reasons why I love you.” I had typed each one of these reasons out, printed them and brought them to Napa. Yesterday, I cut each reason into a strips of paper (fortune-cookie style) and folded them twice until they were about an inch long each.

For the past few days, I have been looking for an artistic glass-blown container for these strips. I wanted to arrange it into a neat “shrine” with candles around it and put it on her sink in the bathroom at our villa. Yesterday, with help from Don, Mitch and Nancy, I found a wine bottle holder that I used as a container. It is not exactly what I had in mind, but it will do the trick.

Last week, I bought a card that said happy 30th birthday. Remember my blog from a few days back, “Whatever age you are is the new thirty!”

I arranged the wine bottle holder, a few candles and the birthday card neatly on the sink at around 4AM today and went back to sleep. When Binita awoke at around 6:30AM, she saw the arrangement, opened the card and read each one of the reasons. It was a tender moment that we shared in bed. It was nice.

Happy Birthday Binita! 50 down, 50 to go! It is Nancy’s birthday today too. Happy Birthday Nancy!

It was another chilly morning in Napa. I wanted to go for another bike ride, but instead went for a run with Nancy instead. We ran from the villa to Yountville, passed by the herb garden owned by French Laundry, and back to the villa. It was a 10k run that we did in a bit over 50 minutes.

In the afternoon, we went to Oxbow market in Napa and had some burgers at Gott’s. I had the blue-cheese bacon burger with a turkey patty and some sweet potato fries. Yummm…

Next, we all drove to Sonoma and walked around the square before driving back to the villa. I wanted to go for another bike ride, but simply ran out of daylight. Instead, Sanjana and I drove to Calistoga and returned the bike.

At dinner, Karen made moist chocolate cakes that we ate with a bunch of leftovers from the past few days. Tomorrow, we fly back to Phoenix. We have plenty of memories for now to take us to the next vacation!

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