Another Wednesday – another long run

About 2 miles from Lifetime Fitness are the soccer fields by the Fairmont Princess. When I have to mix up my runs (combine indoor and outdoor running because of heat or darkness), I like to start my runs at Lifetime, run to the soccer fields and then run around the fields. It is flat and pleasant. I see a few familiar faces there (other random runners also running around the fields).

Today, I ran for an hour and twenty-four minutes outdoors before it got dark. I wanted to maintain an 8:30 pace and I was just a bit faster than that. On the treadmill, I ran for 1:06 at a similar pace close to 8:15. I am still learning the proper amount of nutrition and electrolytes, but today I think I got it right. A combination of Gatorade Endurance, an apricot Clif bar and some salt pills did the trick.

The salt pills (they actually have a bunch of other ingredients) were given to me by Chrissie Wellington’s nutritionist last year when I was in Kona. I have just started taking them and they are great. Speaking of Kona, congratulations to Mirinda Carfrae for winning the world championship in world record time of 8:52 on October 12.

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