Race Prep for SOMA

The race plan for tomorrow’s race is simple. Colleen expect to finish the swim in about thirty minutes. Since her start is at 6:40AM, I should be able to get on the bike at around 7:20AM. It should be pleasantly cool as the forecast is for near perfect conditions. Winds are going to be calm.

The course is an 18.5-mile loop that bicyclists have to do three times. Each loop as a bunch of twists and turns and hairpin turns. It has very few hills but a couple of them are short yet steep. My plan is to maintain my heart rate at around 142 and get in aero as much as possible to do each loop in about an hour. If I can achieve this, I should be able to do the ride at around 18MPH for a total of approximately 3 hours! If I have enough left during the last 10 miles, I will pick up the pace just a bit.

SOMA Bike Course Map (Tempe, AZ 2013)

For nutrition, I will carry two water-bottles with Gatorade Endurance and CarboPro mixed in, plus eat a couple of stinger waffles while on the bike, plus a stinger waffle just before I start the race.

I had a relaxed day at the gym today. All I did was an easy 20-minute bike (spin) followed by an easy 20-minute run (mixed in with 3×30 second sprints).

Last night, I had a pretty large (and terrific) meal at Atlas Bistro and tonight I also had a large pasta meal (with sausage) at Nick’s. After my last race, I want to make sure I have enough carbs in me!!

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