Ironman Arizona – Christine Fletcher and Andrew Russell

Sandwiched between a long swim yesterday and a hard run schedule tomorrow, I did an easy hour-long spin on my trainer at home today. It was only for an hour and my heart rate was under control!

So I am having issues again with my Garmin 910XT. In the past, it has been my heart belt that gave issues; this was easily corrected by a new heart belt (graciously sent for FREE by Garmin). This time, it is elevation calculations. Sometimes, I do a run on the treadmill or a bike outdoors and it tells me that I have climbed something like 30,000 feet. According the Garmin forum, apparently it is the built-in barometer that is malfunctioning. It is quite annoying; if it continues, I will be calling Garmin again!

The exciting news today is that two elite triathletes are interested in a staying at my place during Ironman Arizona. I’m excited to host them. They are both Canadian and amazing athletes! I’m sure they are amazing people too (I haven’t met a triathlete I haven’t liked).

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