The Good Folks at Garmin | 23 days to go…

So I called the good folks at Garmin this morning and let them know about my latest woes with elevation on the 910XT. Of course Will would call this a #firstworldproblem!! But the good folks at Garmin had me do a couple of quick tests to check the elevation on my device (which showed at 6,500 feet while I am actually at 1,850 feet). The conclusion; apparently my barometer on my Garmin is kaput!

Garmin Customer Service is Thumbs Up!

The good folks at Garmin promptly proceeded to issue a replacement unit to me free of charge! It was mailed out earlier today and should be arriving in 5-7 days. How cool is that?

After my long run yesterday, it was time to slow it down a bit and do a 2,000+ meter swim. The pool at Lifetime Fitness was surprisingly empty and I got a sprint workout in after doing a few drills. My body is tired as I write this and my back has a slight kink in it. Maybe it is time to rest tomorrow before picking it up again on Saturday.

IMAZ is approaching FAST. Only 23 days to go. Yikes!!

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