Off to Italy a week after IMAZ

The long workout week has not helped my back. I’m pretty sure it is my upper IT band just above my left hip. There is barely any pain but I decided to take it easy and rest today. I definitely don’t want to aggravate anything.

With only 22 days to go, the countdown to IMAZ is definitely on. After a long ride on Sunday (assuming my  back is completely back to normal), taper begins.

A week after IMAZ, we will fly to Italy (Florence and Tuscany) for about 10 days for some r&r. I have never been to Italy and don’t know much about either Florence or Tuscany (other than whatever I may have read about art and wine here and there). While my focus is on IMAZ, I totally look forward to completely relaxing in Italy (I just hope I am not in a wheelchair after IMAZ :)).

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