Parts of a pig

Tomorrow I am biking in the Fondo at Faster. Kristi and I have signed up for the 65-mile option with a bunch of hills around North Scottsdale. I met up with Kristi in the morning at Faster to pick up the Fondo packet and then had a quick bite to eat at Tom’s Thumb BBQ (it is actually a gas station with a deli / restaurant / grocery store). If you are taking a pit-stop for gas and food off the 101 in North Scottsdale, go to Tom’s Thumb off Bell Road. It’s a neat place! They have this pig drawn up on one o the chalk boards in the restaurant illustrating parts of a pig.

Parts of a pig to eat

My back feels better today, but still has slight discomfort. Instead of doing a sizable workout, I went for quick 16-mile ride around DC Ranch (less than an hour). I’ve had a large pasta dinner and am ready for tomorrow. If all goes well, I will do 65 miles with the Faster Fondo and then do another hour or two on my own. It just depends on how my back holds up!

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