Easy, smooth Monday swim

My back remains a bit stiff. Running seems to aggravate it more than biking of swimming. I swam today for more than 2,000 meters straight. It felt smooth and easy. My endurance has certainly improved over the past few months. If only I can stay injury-free for the next 20 days, I should be ready for IMAZ. My back issues, butt-blisters (TMI) and other minor aches and pains are part of Ironman training but they are annoying!

On a positive note, I am barely sore after a long week of training. Even after cutting down the bike short yesterday, it was my toughest week so far! It is now taper-time. Weekends are still a bit tough, but weekdays are getting easier and easier.

Here’s another picture from yesterday. I still have my SOMA relay number on my helmet!

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