House of Cards Season 1

I don’t watch much TV. On weekends, I will catch a cricket match of some LPGA or PGA golf action as I fall asleep on the sofa with my puppies around me. Binita too sometimes falls asleep on the sofa watching something mindless. We rarely watch any news. Most of the news we get is from online resources.

Last Sunday though, we watched the first episode of a Netflix series called House of Cards. It’s a political drama with Kevin Spacey and a few unknown actors. For the past few evenings, we have watched a few more episodes; it is actually not that good but it is somewhat addictive. Fortunately, it fits my schedule quite well in this taper week!

I ran today for an hour-and-a-half around DC Ranch for about 10.5 miles. It was a hilly by satisfying run. I wasn’t particularly fast and I wasn’t particularly tired. The last 30 minutes were in the dark (the sun sets around 6PM these days).

My Garmin 910XT replacement unit has arrived and as you can see here, the elevation works perfectly. Thanks Garmin!

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