SWOLF score = 37

Today is the last day of October. It is also Halloween (not my favorite holiday). The joke I make (which is quite stale) is that I will show up at parties dressed up as Invisible Man. Some people who have never heard it are slow to get the joke. In India we call these slow people tube-lights (if I have to explain to you why, you are probably a tube-light)!

Anyway, today I swam rather briskly but briefly at Lifetime Fitness. After 600 meters of warming up, I did 3 sets of 400 each at level 3-4 with only 30-seconds rest. The whole routine (including cool down) took all of 38 minutes!

It’s the first time I used the new (replacement) 910XT for a swim. BTW – some folks pay attention to the SWOLF score. I don’t. Apparently, SWOLF adds the number of strokes to the time (in seconds) it took to swim a lap. My SWOLF score in a 25-meter pool is around 37 or 38 which is satisfactory but not great.

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