Waiting for a lane to open

I arrived at the gym for an easy swim at around 4:30PM. All lanes were occupied. I saw Will swimming in one of the lanes. Shelly showed up. We waited. It was chilly. We hopped in the Jacuzzi and waited. Will got out. Some random woman got in. I was annoyed and waited some more. Eventually, a few of the lanes opened up. Shelly and I jumped in!

We swam a short 1,600 meters at an easy pace. Somehow, it seemed harder than it should have. Maybe this is what taper feels like!

Yesterday was bhaibeej. It is the fifth day of the Diwali holiday and is a day reserved for sibling harmony. Hence, here is a lovely picture of my older sister when she was a kid! This picture was taken in the 1960s. Cute, no?

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