How do you breathe when you run?

I have no idea why running a measly 4.7 miles seemed so hard today. My pace was slow, the temperature was cool, but I just couldn’t get a breathing rhythm going. It was almost as if I had forgotten how to breathe while I ran. I was wheezing heavily taking in too much air in my lungs, I was not relaxed, my whole body was tense; the whole 42 minutes was quite awful. It is probably the worst run I have had in the past few months. Maybe this is was taper feels like. Even the pack of about a dozen javalinas that I ran into (literally) didn’t excite me (usually I perk up when I see any sort of wildlife).

Anyway, it is behind me. I have less 9 days to go for IMAZ. With all my long bikes, long runs and long swims, I’m ready!

Pizza at Don and Debbie’s place

We went out to dinner at Don and Debbie’s place for some of the finest pizza I have had since moving to Arizona. The blanca and the one with figs were absolutely superb!

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