Intercostal Muscle Tear with 6 days to go

Before today, I had never heard of intercostal muscles. With 6 days to go, apparently I have either torn or severely strained my intercostal muscles. These muscles are the ones that surround the back side of your rib cage and help in breathing and general stability of the rib cage. I have no idea how I strained my entire right side behind my rib cage, but it hurts like a b….!

Intercostal Muscles

After training for 6+ months, my Ironman Arizona participation is in serious jeopardy. As I write this, I’d say that my odds are about 50-50 that I will recover enough to participate by Sunday morning, and even that is optimistic!

Needless to say, I am in no position to work out for the next (at least) 3 days. After this, I will just have to wait and see how I feel. As of now, I am walking slowly. Sleeping hurts more than sitting and sitting hurts more than standing. Breathing is difficult. Sometimes I feel the entire lower back side of my rib cage throbbing with each heart beat. Even typing is painful (especially with my right hand).

I generally tend to avoid pain killers, but this time I have no choice. The pain is unbearable. The most painful is coughing and sneezing! They say that child-birth and kidney stones are the most painful experiences. I wouldn’t be surprised if intercostal muscle tears are up there.

At least I can still drive!!

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