Will I be on the starting line at IMAZ 2013?

The plot thickens with 5 days to go. I am now on a heavy dosage Ibuprofen for 48 hours starting this afternoon. The theory is that it will ease the pain while I heal and I will be fit as a fiddle by Thursday afternoon. The way I feel right now though, the chances of me starting IMAZ are less than a 50%.

IMAZ starting line – will I be there in 2013? Doubtful!

I am heavily loaded on Ibuprofen right now, but breathing is still laborious. I still can’t sleep on my back and even sitting is uncomfortable. God forbid if I have to sneeze. I have developed a slight cough and I feel just a bit feverish. I’m not sure if severe muscle aches put a strain on your body and your immune system reacts by raising your body temperate. All I know is that I want to get better by Sunday so I can race. I don’t even care if I have a race plan. I just want to finish before midnight.

With the medicine I am currently on, I count down every 7 hours for my next dosage of pain killers. If I am late by an hour, it is agonizing. On Friday, I will make a go or no-go decision. If I have to drop out, I will do it with disappointment but with a smile on my face. I will still go to the race to cheer on my friends. I will skip IMAZ next year, but may do it again in 2015. 2014 is reserved for qualifying for the Boston Marathon!

I keep receiving so many good wishes from so many friends and family all over the globe. In between all the disappointment I feel for my (stupid) injury, it feels good to be loved. It feels good to know that I have friends and family I can count on. It feels good to know that they will cheer for me from ten thousand miles away even if I am on the sidelines. If I have to drop out of this one, there will be other races and IMAZ happens every year!

In all this, Binita remains a pillar of support. She especially guides me with my nutrition and supports me through my crazy workout regimens. Lately, she too has developed an injury. She suspects that it is her sciatica nerve and she will see a specialist on Monday.

As for working out today, are you kidding??

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