Pleurisy? What has that got to do with IMAZ?

After 24 hours of high Ibuprofen doses, the pain remains. It is all on my right back starting all the way up near my neck down to the mid section (behind the back side of my rib-cage). The pain comes and goes as it pleases.

I went for a chest X-ray today. The radiologist report was pretty benign, but after he spoke to Binita, it appears that I may have PLEURISY. What? I’ve never heard of it and it sounds pretty bad. Well, it isn’t. It involves some sort of inflammation of the double membrane (pleura) that lines your lungs causing all sorts of pain while breathing, coughing, sneezing to muscles usually on one side of the back of your chest. It can also be accompanied by a mild fever. Bingo!!

Fortunately, treatment is painkillers and antibiotics for a week or so and usually it just goes away. Unfortunately, this means I am most likely going to sit it out for IMAZ in 2013. I am still weak, the pain comes and goes as it pleases and is quite unbearable at times, I am coughing mildly and feel feverish. It would be pretty stupid to take on IMAZ under these conditions.

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  1. Kristen Larson says: Reply

    I'm so sorry, G. I can't even imagine how disappointed you must be. 🙁

  2. Thanks Kristen – disappointed, but there are other races. For now, it is time to rest and recover!

  3. Kristen Larson says: Reply

    Definitely. I hope you feel better soon! And just to put it on your radar: I'm planning on IMNZ in 2015, and am hoping a group will join me (already have a few tentative recruits). Something to keep in mind. 🙂

  4. Add me to your list of tentative folks for IMNZ 2015. For now, I am looking at Cabo on March 30, 2014. It is soon after the Phoenix Marathon (March 1, 2014), but I'm up for the challenge!

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