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I am going through a range of emotions about IMAZ. I try and pinpoint a single incident that caused my lungs to be affected. Did I swallow water when I was swimming in Lake Bartlett? Did I push it too hard when I was going bandit during Tour de New River? Did I sprint too hard when I did my last intervals?  Did I sit next to a smoker somewhere? Did I shake hands with someone who was sick?

Fact is, after all the workouts at a high intensity and length, my immune system was compromised. It didn’t take much for the inflammation or infection to develop. It came on slowly and got progressively worse. I saw signs a while back during the beginning of taper weeks. I even blogged about it when I said that I seem to have forgotten how to breathe.

I am now resigned and have accepted that I will not be an Ironman in 2013. I still go through fluctuating emotions of disappointment, sadness and even anger; but I recognize that the quest will continue in 2014. I have Cabo on my mind. The race date is March 30, 2014 which is too close after my Phoenix Marathon date of March 1, 2014; but I may just sign up for it and do it. Will is already signed up!

English / Canadian Curry Ingredients (plus masalas)
Andrew and Christine at dinner

Andrew and Christine cooked yesterday. The made sticky rice with English / Canadian Curry and a range of vegetables. It was very good and nutritious. We sat at the formal dining table and talked about a host of topics from racing to family to travel. Before dinner, they setup their respective bikes and drove down to Tempe to register for the race. I hope both of them race really well and come back next year. It is fun to have them around and talk about the life of a pro triathlete.

I’m still hurting albeit less. I can breathe comfortably now. My body is less sore. My cough remains mild but is still there. I am drugged up on painkillers; as soon as their effect wears off, my body starts hurting. I am in no shape to swim, bike or run. I haven’t worked out since last Sunday now and am feeling antsy to go for a quick jog. That would be a mistake!

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