Race prep for IMAZ

For the first time in days, I had a good night’s sleep. By the time I got out of bed at 9AM, both the pros (Andrew Russell and Christine Fletcher) were already down in Tempe for a quick swim in the nasty water of Tempe town lake and getting a feel for the lay of the land. Their entire day was spent around prepping for the IMAZ tomorrow. I on the other hand had errands to run and things to do. I did important things like taking the dog to the groomer, picking up dog food and lazing on my sofa watching Sachin Tendulkar retire from world cricket.

Admittedly, I was feeling sorry for myself. I didn’t go to register for IMAZ to pick up my packet and backpack. I told myself that I didn’t deserve to be seen carrying the backpack because I had dropped out of the race. Binita and I were talking about this within earshot of Christine and Andrew. Andrew graciously and gracefully gave me his backpack. He simply left it on the counter and said, “I’m not going to use it. You should keep it.”

IMAZ Backpack – 2013

I would have blogged today about my race plan. I would have carefully researched the entire course, become familiar with every little nook and cranny and hill on the course and planned to conquer it on the bike or on the run. Instead, I went out to dinner at the Herb Box with Binita. We ran into Mitch and Nancy and had a nice, quiet dinner. Christine and Andrew decided to stay in and cook something on the grill. The remainder of their day was spent resting and more resting. I hope they both have an EXCELLENT race tomorrow!

I plan to be at the race for the start at around 6:40AM (on the bridge). I will give you a race report tomorrow. I’m quite sure I will be envious of the athletes doing the race!

I feel a bit better than yesterday. My back hurts less and my breathing is not as crackling and heavy. Hopefully, in the next week, I will be back to feeling fit. We leave for Italy on the 22nd and I hope I am fit enough to do a quick 50-mile bike ride through Tuscany.

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