Six hour journey to and from the North Pole

I’m writing this entry while in the air from Chicago to Frankfurt. The Phoenix-Chicago flight was quite uneventful. Binita sat in first and I was right behind her (thanks to Naman, one of us was upgraded). For this flight, B and I are both sitting in business class. We just ate some lousy airplane food and I am about to settle down to watch World War Z with Brad Pitt.

United Business Class is quite comfortable

I look forward to Italy. While it is not going to be conducive of training for the Ironman, it will give me some much-needed downtime from the intense training schedule I have been on in 2013. Work has also been quite busy for the past couple of months. We are doing a bunch of work for Village Voice Media that keeps us on our toes!

I was in the middle of watching my second movie (a lousy World War Z followed by a lame White House Down) when the pilot came on and made an announcement that we are headed back to Chicago because of some mechanical difficulties (apparently the air conditioning doesn’t work). So I guess we are headed back. We left Chicago, were 3 hours into the flight (probably somewhere over the north pole) and now we are turning back to Chicago. So much for a 6 hours journey to the North Pole. Interesting!!

As for Italy, ifI can get one or two runs in and one good-sized bike ride in while in Italy, I’ll be quite happy. I feel just a bit better than I did yesterday but we’ll see how jetlag treats me. Because I am confined to sleeping on my left side on a hard surface, my shoulder and butt are quite sore. I try and do my stretch exercises daily paying particular attention to my IT band and my lower back. I feel like a light jog for 15 minutes would loosen up some of the muscles and relax my body. Unfortunately, it would put strain on my lungs and my lower back muscles – these both need rest for at least a couple more days.

It has been 12 days since my last workout. I am antsy; but I am also excited about Florence and Tuscany (but for now, it is back to Chicago)!

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