Finally in Cortona, Italy

Today was spent flying from Chicago to Frankfurt, in the Lufthansa lounge, flying from Frankfurt to Florence and then driving from Florence to Cortona. There was nothing too eventful except for some turbulence and a harsh landing in Florence. We also saw a nasty accident with a burning car on our way to Cortona.

Lufthansa Plane at Frankfurt Airport

The food in the Lufthansa lounge was actually pretty good, and our dinner at Relais La Corte dei Papi was quite delicious. Karen/Jennifer (the Whoopie babes), Amit and Dana are with us here in Pergo (right next to Cortona).

Eggs with Green Sauce – Lufthansa lounger in Frankfurt

I am barely better than I was yesterday. The travel and lack of sleep has not helped. Hopefully, I will sleep well the next few nights and will be fresh enough to run a couple of miles in the next few days. Hopefully, my little aches and pains will heal during our vacation here!

Tomorrow, we plan to wake up late and then drive up the hill into Cortona to spend the day walking around inside the walled city. I’ll post a few pictures. Stay tuned…

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