A visit to Cortona

We are staying at the Relais La Corte Dei Papi in Pergo just outside of Cortona. It is beautiful here in Tuscany. The vibe is laid back with old stone buildings up every hilltop and greenery nestled between hills and mountains. As you drive in any direction, you randomly come across vineyards and olive groves. Most locals do not understand English and I find it fun and adventurous talking to them. I can see why Americans come here and fall in love with the place!

We woke up late today and lazed around for breakfast. It is bone-chilling cold here but we ventured out to the walled city of Cortona today. It is set atop a hill and has narrow streets with old stone buildings. It is quintessential Italy! Since we are six of us, we took two cars. I drove with the Whoopie babes while Amit, Dana and Binita were in the other car. After parking outside the city walls, we walked uphill to the main square. The wind was blowing hard in the alleys as we window-shopped for various things. Since it is Monday, about half the shops are closed!

Walking up inside Cortona

After walking up and down the alleys, we ended up at a small establishment called the Artisti Cafe.

Whoopie Babes in Artisti Cafe

Somehow, the food here tastes incredible. I think it is the lack of preservatives and fresh farm produce that makes it so. I’m sure the waiters and waitresses serving with a touch of Italian love helps too! Some of them know zero English which makes it all the more fun. Of course, I thrive on the 4 Italian words I know!

Hi = Ciao!
Good Morning = Buongiorno!
Thank You = Grazie!
You are Welcome = Prego!

Everyone understands wine!!

The clock tower in one of the Piazzas in Cortona

We drove to another church on the other side of Cortona and then to a monastery set on the side of a hill. It was dark and cold by the time we returned back to our villa.

Inside one of the churches in Cortona

For the first time in days, I feel decent. The way I feel this evening, I just may go for a 30-minute jog tomorrow. If I can do 10-minute miles, I will consider it a success. We’ll see.

Today is Sheelben’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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