Leuta and the golden ratio

After a hearty breakfast at the villa, we headed out to Leuta, a small and botique vineyard owned by Denis and his wife Maria. His love for wine came through as we talked for about four hours sipping wine and talking about the intricacies of wine-making, politics in Italy and the golden ratio.

Leuta Wines

If you have read the DaVinci Code (or seen the movie), you should be familiar with the golden ratio. If not, here is a convenient Wikipedia article on it. Leuta’s brand is based on the golden ratio. His label, his philosophy, his outlook, his knowledge, everything screams of the golden ratio. He uses examples from art, architecture, mathematics, phisiology, history, geography, etc. as he explains the golden ratio. You can’t help but be mesmerized by his dashing Italian personality in his cold wine-shed as you listen to him talk. His dog Laga is also quite entertaining as she fetches pebbles and intently listens to you speak to her. The wine itself is excellent!

Leuta Chair made of wine labels

Denis explains the golden ratio

In the evening, we went to another wine tasting in Cortona at a wine shop (honestly, we could easily have avoided it). It was cold and not very much fun.

Tons of local cheeses
Bottle of wine – B is happy!
Some kind of coconut yumminess

Birthday Cake
Naman with our birthday cake

We returned back to the villa where Amit had arranged an elaborate dinner for us. We had time to relax for a mere hour before we went to a three-course dinner complete with tiramisu cake!

I feel pretty good today. Time permitting, I will run on Friday. Working out is not high on my priority list these days as my health has not exactly been stellar and we are enjoying Italy.

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