Rest is part of training

Yesterday’s run was long and comfortable. Today was scheduled to be swimming day, but I haven’t ventured into the pool yet; that is going to wait a few more days. Hence today is rest day!

Professional triathletes consider rest an essential part of training. I have heard plenty of triathletes being questioned about their training. The conversation goes something like this:

Audience: So how many hours a day do you train for an Ironman?
Pro: 24 hours.
Audience: How is that possible?
Pro: You see, recovery is also part of the training plan. Nutrition is also part of the training plan. It is not just about swim, bike and run; it is about everything you do. It is your mind too. Sometimes the mind has to be tougher than the body.
Audience: I see. So how much do you sleep?
Pro: As much as I can. When I am not sleeping, I rest. I like to get my body horizontal as much as possible. It eases the blood flow and hastens recovery.
Audience: What else do you do besides sleep?
Pro: Yoga and mental exercises are what a lot of us pros do. Nutrition is the other essential ingredient. We burn calories like there is no tomorrow; hence we have to consume a lot and it has to be the right combination of protein, fat and of course carbs.

So today I rested. It is part of my training :).

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