Toys for Tots | Watoto, Beautiful Africa

It’s not fun to swim or run in the cold. It is even less fun to bike on cold mornings. Early this morning, we did a charity ride for Toys for Tots followed by breakfast at Lush Burger. It was cold and it was slow going for the first 15 miles (straight uphill), but it had warmed up for the return back to the start. The best part about the ride was that by 10AM, we had already finished riding (although we only did a measly 30 miles)!

I recently met the founders of Pipeline Worldwide, a local charity that helps NGOs in Africa and India. This evening, we went to a fundraiser concert organized by Pipeline at a local church. The kids were from Watoto in Uganda and were precious with their choir and dances (although there was a bit too much “Jesus” in their songs). I am hoping that Pipeline Worldwide starts working with Visamo (a charity that my mother and my family supports in India).

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