Hilly run in Silverleaf and DC Ranch

Most of you reading this blog know that I live in a development called Silverleaf in DC Ranch in North Scottsdale. While it doesn’t compare to the mountains of Colorado or even Northern Arizona, it is a hilly part of town. Running and biking around my house is somewhat tough.

Today, I ran the hills of Silverleaf and DC Ranch for an hour (just more than 7 miles). As you can see from the elevation chart, the first portion of the run was up and down while the last half was relatively flat.

Compared to last week, I feel a whole lot better. I’m still recovering but my breathing is much more controlled and my confidence is returning. My half-marathon is about a month away and my marathon is still more than two months away. I have just enough time to recuperate to perform well at both these races. I don’t expect a PR in the half marathon, but I do hope for a really good race for the marathon! My goal of course, is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

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