The more out-of-shape they are, the more naked they are

Anne of Camelback Coaching coaches a masters swim class three times a week at the Jewish Community Center in North Scottsdale. It is a really nice, warm 25 yard pool. After almost six weeks, I swam today. The first 500 yards were tough with awkward breathing. It also hurt a bit on the right side of my torso when I extended my right hand; this is the spot that I think I still have some internal bruising from my bout with pneumonia. All in all though, it was a pretty good swim. After warming up, I did four sets of 500 (200+150+100+50) for a total of about 2700 yards.

One thing I don’t understand is why men walk around completely naked in locker rooms (and I am not talking about the JCC in particular; I’m talking of all locker rooms). One thing I have noticed is that the more out-of-shape these men are, the more naked they are. Can someone please tell them that instead of wrapping their towel around their head, they should wrap it around their waist? Someone should also tell them not to sit on the sofa with no clothes on. Please…

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