Drone with a camera mount

Today is Saturday. My Team in Training group meets on Saturday mornings for training runs. I haven’t been going because I maintain my own schedule. Today I decided to go and run for an hour at Granada park. It was nice to see some familiar faces after a long time (Megan, Ali, Emily, Shauna, etc. etc.).

As we were going through the “mission moment” where a few people talk about personal experiences or close friends or relatives who are fighting with cancer, a drone showed up in flight above us. This year, they seem to be a hot commodity for the holiday season. You can buy a camera-mounted drone for less than $500. The photography applications are going to be endless. It will change the face of wildlife and sports photography. Imagine being able to see the Tour de France with a camera mounted on a drone flying a few feet above the peloton. Or imagine being in the jungles of India and send a drone off for a close up of a tiger hunt!

Anyway, my hour-long run was pretty smooth. I ran towards the Biltmore and did two loops of the Biltmore circle before returning back to the start at Granada park! 

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