Goodbye Lifetime Fitness – finally!

I have finally decided that I am going to give up my membership at Lifetime Fitness. Their outdoor pool is closed until at least February and their indoor pool is forever occupied. I haven’t visited Lifetime since early November other than for a haircut appointment with Stephanie. For running and biking, there is the great outdoors; and for swimming, there is JCC and MMR.

I have already started swimming at JCC and MMR. Their pools are nicer and more convenient. Anne teaches masters at JCC 3 days a week at noon, and MMR has open swimming daily (although the hours are a bit awkward).

MMR – Lane Availability – Nov 2013 to Feb 2014

Today, I swam at MMR for 2,100 yards. Because I have not been swimming, it take effort to concentrate on my stroke and my speed has suffered. My breathing too is a bit awkward. Hopefully, with a little help from Anne and a little perseverance, it will come back.

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