Lousy run on Christmas day


In today’s politically correct world, I suppose I should greet everyone with “Happy Holidays.” I thought that the subject matter of my blog today would be something about holiday greetings but thousands of people already have written more articulately than I ever could!

I wish I could write like Khalid Hosseini. I just finished reading his new book “And the Mountains Echoed.” Along with his other two books, these are the best fiction books I have ever read. I highly recommend reading all of them.

Anyway, I had an absolutely lousy 1-hour run today. I started by wanting to do two hours but went out a bit too fast and did a few hills. This took everything out of me in an hour and I simply stopped. On a positive note, my lungs feel pretty good and none of my body parts are aching. I feel pretty fresh and am optimistic about 2014. I do have my doubts about Boston Marathon qualification in March because my speed and endurance are not quite what they were a few months back.

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