Simi-Missy on the Phoenix Open Golf parking lot

I grew up in India swimming all the time. I love the water and feel very comfortable in it. Yet lately, swimming has become a chore. I avoid it as much as I can since I got sick last month. We’ll see if this changes.

Instead of swimming today, I came home and spun on the bike for an hour. It was pretty non-descript and boring. There isn’t anything fun about spinning on a bike at home by yourself at a relatively steady pace. I keep varying the pace to keep it interesting and of course, I have my headphones on. Still, ho-hum…

Missy (left) and Simi (right)

Change of topic – it has been a while since I posted any pics of my dogs. Since the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament is coming to town, they have converted the soccer fields near my house into parking lots, and since there are not many people around, we took our dogs off-leash on the soccer fields. Here’s a pic of them sitting down after they were exhausted from running helter skelter!

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