Absent-minded and annoyed

I went to McDowell Mountain Ranch to swim this evening. I paid the customary $3 to enter and walked over to the pool deck. There were a few lanes open which made me happy. As I started to change, I realized that I forgot my towel at home. I am not used to carrying a towel because I am used to the semi-plush facilities at Lifetime Fitness.

I left MMR without swimming and headed to Lifetime to get my 2,500 meters in. I was annoyed at myself for forgetting the towel. Fortunately, my Lifetime membership is still active (until January 31), and also fortunately there was a lane open in the indoor pool. The outdoor pool at Lifetime is still closed.

Work has been busy over the past few months. We finally launched the eCommerce module on our mobile platform. We are behind schedule on it, but it is a much-needed module on our platform!

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