Intense training weeks coming up

When I ran my first half marathon a few years ago, I was sore for days. With all the my training over the past year, my body is used to running 13+ miles even at race effort. I am barely sore today sans a bit of soreness in my quads. I don’t feel good about my performance yesterday, but my body is ready for the next few weeks.

I swam for 2,800 yards at JCC today. The water is nice and warm, and the pool was pretty empty. I escaped for an hour at lunch for the swim and swam straight with two short breaks. I mostly concentrated on my stroke by keeping my chin down, my arms extended and breathing smoothly. I felt good.

As for swimming at JCC, the above cartoon sums it up nicely!

For the next 3-4 weeks, my training gets more and more intense before tapering for the Phoenix Marathon.

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