Twisted Rose Burger

It is warm this week here in Scottsdale. If you listen to the national news, they keep talking about the cold frigid air blasting the mid-west and north-east portions of the US. I’m glad we live down in the warmth of Arizona where temperatures are comfortably in the 60s and 70s. They also keep talking about football; I couldn’t care less. There was a time when I was a football fan, but those days are behind me. I am now a triathlete, an admittedly snobbish one!

I went for a 90-minute ride today starting at my office, riding up to hidden hills and then back home. I did a couple of steep hills in my neighborhood towards the end of the ride. I could feel my quads burn. It felt good!

Binita and I went to dinner at this new restaurant called the Twisted Rose. It is an EXCELLENT find and I have nothing but positive things to say. I had a juicy medium-rare burger with bacon jam and tomato jam and a whole lot of fries. As I took the first bite, I had to close my eyes to savor the taste. Good it was, but not quite as good as Zin Burger!

Binita had salmon with farro salad. She too was raving about her food (and wine).

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