The fish didn’t bite and Carrie is for real

The intensity continues to build for my training sessions. Today, I biked for 4 hours with lots of hills in North Scottsdale and Fountain Hills. I started north on Pima, up Happy Valley all the way to Jomax, down Jomax to Alma School to the Shell gas station on Dynamite. From there, I went cruising down 9-mile hill into Rio Verde and right in to Fountain Hills all the way to Shea, up Shea hill and down to 136th to Via Linda and snaked back to Thompson Peak. From there I did a small loop to Pinnacle Peak and back home. In all, I rode about 65 miles and was dead tired at the end of the ride!

It was nice to run into Will in Fountain Hills just before I was about to climb “the wall” – it eased the pain as we were chatting about this and that before parting ways.

Hanging by the lake this afternoon

It was a beautiful afternoon here as we sat by the lake with the puppies and Rahul-Janki-Kai-Anika. Rahul was attempting to fish with zero luck. The fish were biting but the hook was a bit too large.

In the evening, we went to Katie-Chris’ farewell party at Kristi’s place where I met Carrie for the first time. I have joked about her being Kristi’s imaginary friend, but the joke ends now. She is real, complete with a very funny sense of humor!

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